Work from home productivity involves more than just a functioning laptop. Networks need enough capacity and secure endpoints for workers to access their files and applications from anywhere, and employees need access to cloud applications to take full advantage of the collaboration tools available to them. CDW can help you build or expand your WFH strategy so employees can accomplish more in more places.

Presplay Remote Services

At Presplay, we recognize that your ability to meet the productivity needs of your end users extends beyond the physical office. The current and rapidly shifting demand for work-from-home infrastructure requires proactive measures and forward thinking. When time is of the essence, we are here to assist you. Our experts understand the key considerations and possess the expertise to design tailored solutions for your immediate challenges. We will work with you to identify work-from-home solutions that can be efficiently designed and deployed within days, rather than months. From products and assessments to security and everything in between, our comprehensive approach ensures that no aspect is overlooked. Whatever your requirements may be and no matter how quickly you need them, we are dedicated to making it happen.

Remote Employees

Presplay offers comprehensive solutions for remote workers, empowering companies to effectively onboard new employees remotely and ensure secure access to their desktops from anywhere. With our expertise in leveraging Amazon WorkSpaces, we enable organizations to keep all company content securely stored in the cloud. Additionally, our services include tools for seamless document sharing and collaboration, both within and outside the organization, utilizing Amazon WorkDocs. Furthermore, we provide a scalable pay-as-you-go meetings solution, leveraging Amazon Chime, enabling virtual meetings, calling, and chats from any location.

Remote Contact Center Agents

Presplay empowers businesses to establish fully functional contact centers that can operate virtually from anywhere. With our expertise in setting up Amazon Connect contact centers or hotlines, you can have your system up and running in just minutes, ready to handle high-quality audio calls. Our streamlined training process ensures that agents can be trained in less than 20 minutes, requiring only an internet connection and a headset to deliver exceptional customer service.

Remote Creative Professionals

Presplay offers an innovative solution for remote creative professionals, providing artists, animators, and editors with the tools they need to work efficiently and securely in the cloud. Our solution leverages AWS (Amazon Web Services) to enable you to build your own virtual workstations, tailored to your high-spec requirements. By utilizing Amazon EC2 G4 instances and streaming applications like Teradici or DCV, you can seamlessly access and work on your favorite content creation tools, such as Autodesk Maya, while leveraging your existing licensing. This allows you to collaborate, create, and deliver exceptional artistic work from anywhere, ensuring productivity and creativity are not limited by physical location.