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Software’s Accelerating Data Needs May Benefit From Intel’s High-Optane Push

For all of computing’s advances the past few decades, one aspect that’s remained fairly constant is the fundamental relationship among processors, memory chips, and storage, coupled with software designed to route data where it’s most urgently needed. New memory technology that reached the market this year in response to big computing trends could upend this…

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Solving An Unusual Oracle Upgrade Issue

by Jim Okla January 27, 2015 Posted in: How To I recently came across a very unusual situation. During an upgraded review, I noticed the dba_registry_sqlpatch was empty when it shouldn’t be: SQL> select patch_id, patch_uid, version, action, action_time, status, description from dba_registry_sqlpatch; no rows selected SQL> The expected output should be (from another CDB…

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Steps to Install Oracle Database 12c Release 2 in Redhat Linux 7.5

A quick Guide on How to Install the Oracle Database 12c Release 2 in Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Server. To Download the Oracle Database Installer, Visit the below URL: Prerequiste for Installation: Download the Oracle Database 12c installer package. The Swap Space size should be 16GB . Enable X11 Forwarding to “yes” in sshd…

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