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Setting Up Table Replication In Goldengate

In this below tutorial, we will setup one-way goldengate replication for below two tables from database SRCDB to TRGDB. PRESPLAY.EMP; PRESPLAY.DEPT; PREREQUISITE: Make sure the goldengate installation is completed and manager process is running on both source and target hosts. 1. Enable supplemental logging for those tables.[SOURCE] 2. Prepare extract parameter file[ SOURCE ] Here –…

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The V$SGA_TARGET_ADVICE view provides information that helps us in deciding optimal value for  SGA_TARGET. MMON background process gather statistics about sga_target usage and update the V$SGA_TARGET_ADVICE view. Check sga target advisory is enable? — DB_CACHE_ADVICE should be ON SQL> show parameter db_cache_advice NAME TYPE VALUE ———————————— ——————————– —————— db_cache_advice string ON — STATISTICS_LEVEL should be TYPICAL/ALL. SQL>…

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Step by Step Install of Oracle12c RAC One Node On OEL 6.5 Using VMware

Description:- In this article let us configure Oracle 12cR1 One Node RAC. Below is the server details we are going to configure. High Level Steps:- 1) Pre-requisites for RAC Installation 2) SSH Configuration and running runcluvfy 3) Grid Infrastructure Installation 4) Database Binaries Installation 5) One Node RAC Database Creation Pre-requisites for RAC Installation:- Below…

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