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Oracle Database and Exadata Log File Locations

As a DBA, you must know the important locations of Oracle database and Exadata log files. Like database alert log file there is also a alert log file for the exadata cell nodes. So lets look at the locations of all these files. Cell alert.log file /opt/oracle/cell/log/diag/asm/cell/{node name}/trace/alert.log if the CELLTRACE parameter is set just…

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Oracle GoldenGate Veridata & Studio is Released!

The Oracle GoldenGate Foundation Suite product development team is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle GoldenGate Veridata & Oracle GoldenGate Studio Oracle GoldenGate Foundation Suite is a set of advanced management tools for managing GoldenGate life-cycle in the enterprise. Oracle GoldenGate’s premium management tools include GoldenGate Studio, GoldenGate Management Pack and GoldenGate…

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Oracle Unveils AI-Voice for the Enterprise Oracle introduces natural voice conversations to Digital Assistant and enhances deep learning semantic parser to handle complex linguistic constructs

Oracle today announced availability of its AI-trained voice with Oracle Digital Assistant. Now, enterprise customers can use voice commands to communicate with their enterprise applications to drive desired actions and outcomes, enriching the user experience with conversational AI, simplifying interactions and improving productivity.  “Enterprises are demanding an AI-powered voice assistant that understands their specific vocabulary and enables…

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