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How to Enable/Disable a Scheduled Job in Oracle

It is not easy task to manually deal with too many jobs. So to overcome with this this scenario oracle database provides advanced job scheduling capabilities through Oracle Scheduler. The DBMS_SCHEDULER package provides a collection of scheduling functions and procedures that are callable from any PL/SQL program. Using Scheduler, database administrators and application developers can…

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Microsoft beats Amazon to win the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI cloud contract

The US government has awarded a giant $10 billion cloud contract to Microsoft, the Department of Defense has confirmed. Known as Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), the contract will provide the Pentagon with cloud services for basic storage and power all the way up to artificial intelligence processing, machine learning, and the ability to process mission-critical…

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Migrating an Oracle 11g Database to an 11g Database in the Oracle Cloud via Data Pump Conventional Export/Import

Before You Begin Purpose In this tutorial, you learn how to migrate on-premises Oracle 11g database schemas to an 11g database in Oracle Database Cloud Service, using Data Pump conventional export and import. Last Updated March 2016, Release 16.1.5 Please note that Oracle develops its cloud services in an agile manner and makes rapid changes…

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