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EA is testing its cloud gaming service

EA has announced it’s testing its cloud gaming service. EA is focused on making cloud-powered games so they can be played anyplace, anywhere, anytime — and on all devices, EA CTO Ken Moss said in a blog post Monday. EA had first announced the cloud gaming service under the name Project Atlas in November last year, which Moss now…

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Exposed database reveals apparent ticket fraud scheme. Scammers are just like us: bad at securing their data.

It was a good plan, as far as frauds go: rip off fans of live performances while simultaneously fleecing some of the internet’s biggest ticket vendors, such as Groupon, Ticketmaster and TickPick. The fraudsters create accounts with the ticket sellers and use stolen credit card information to make their purchases. Then they turn around and resell the tickets to…

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Extreme speed, superior range, and complete customization: the next generation of mesh-enabled routers is here

While 27% of the American population has yet to make the switch to broadband, the rest of the networking landscape has changed dramatically since the days of dial-up. Many people remember the melodic connection tones, constantly interrupted service and the sluggish speed offered by this early iteration of the internet all too well. Thankfully dial-up would soon be…

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