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Fighting cybercrime in a connected world

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands – In our increasingly interconnected world, the impacts of cybercrime can be far-reaching, fast moving and devastating to its victims. To address the challenges for police in preventing and investigating cybercrime globally, the 7th Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference brought together cyber experts from law enforcement, private industry, international organizations and academia for…

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Google’s quantum supremacy is only a first taste of a computing revolution “Quantum supremacy” is nice, but more broadly useful quantum computers are probably still a decade away.

A Google quantum computer has far outpaced ordinary computing technology, an achievement called quantum supremacy that’s an important milestone for a revolutionary way of processing data. Google disclosed the results in the journal Nature on Wednesday. The achievement came after more than a decade of work at Google, including the use of its own quantum computing chip, called Sycamore.…

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Here’s where top gaming VCs are looking for startup opportunities

With cross-platform experiences like Fortnite and PUBG, in-game socializing environments, and subscription-based cloud gaming services from Playstation, Google, Amazon, and others, the gaming industry is entering a new era beyond mobile. These days, the industry is at the center of social media and entertainment trends; gaming is expected to earn $152 billion in global revenue this year, up…

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